• Why does the autism community reject the puzzle piece and autism speaks charity

    The autistic community has been increasingly vocal about its opposition to the organisation known as Autism Speaks, which claims to advocate and support autistic individuals and their families. However, many autistic individuals and their allies argue that the organization's actions and rhetoric perpetuate harmful stereotypes and contribute to the marginalization of autistic people.
  • Dyspraxic Parents Livestream

      On Saturday 20th March, Krystal-Bella Shaw hosted a live stream with four dyspraxic parents who each discussed their experiences and advi...
  • Dyspraxia awareness week 2020 Livestream

    Last October (2020) during the dyspraxia awareness week event, a group of women of varying ages hosted a live stream called "Dyspraxia in Women". Before the event took place it caused quite the ruckus and upset a lot from dyspraxic men.