Celebrity Dyspraxic | Will Poulter

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28-year-old Will Poulter is a very well known British actor from London who has appeared on screen in many popular shows and films. The Son of Ranbow (2007) and The Chronicles of Narnia (2010) will be the first appearances of Will most will remember. Since then Will has stared in The Millers, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, the folk horror film Midsomma and many more.


In an earlier interview, Will describes himself as a “white, straight, middle-class male”. Pointing out that he was a student of the private Harrodian School of west London. “What my privilege has meant is that I haven’t experienced the same levels of exclusion and inaccessibility that might come with being working class,” While Will is aware of his privilege, he is able to use it to his advantage to make positive change in the world where he can and has be seen advocating for many great causes such as Project 0.


In terms of his privilege, Will says “I’ve certainly felt guilty about that. But guilt for those less privileged and those who experience the prejudice from which I’m protected isn’t enough."


Dyspraxia plays a large role in what pushed Will to become an actor from a young age. Acting was something he was already passionate about, but drama, in particular, provided an alternative to the sort of academic demands made difficult by his dyslexia and dyspraxia, as well as a retreat from some unkindness among his peers. “I had experiences of bullying. I used drama as an antidote to some of the less enjoyable aspects of social life at school.”

In relation to other subjects at school, Will shared: "It felt like it didn't matter how hard I tried, I wasn't getting anywhere. That's the most demoralising thing, as a kid. And to find something like drama, which I loved so much… it gave me a sense of purpose."



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