About us

About Us

Dyspraxia Magazine is your go-to resource for individuals of all ages seeking understanding, validation, and support on their dyspraxia journey. As a neurodivergent-only team, we are dedicated to raising awareness, reducing misinformation, offering dyspraxia/DCD support, and providing valuable resources backed by research to empower individuals and their families.


Dyspraxic Adults

For adults navigating life with dyspraxia, we serve as a beacon of knowledge and support. Whether you're seeking to understand yourself better, validate self-diagnosis, or find guidance towards an official diagnosis, Dyspraxia Magazine is here for you. We recognise the challenges of obtaining an official diagnosis, often subjected to a postcode lottery, or the resources and understanding of dyspraxia/DCD in the country you live in. Therefore, we advocate tirelessly for awareness to facilitate earlier diagnosis in young people, bridging the gap between adult and child diagnosis.

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Dyspraxic Children

We understand the importance of supporting children and their parents/caregivers on their journey to obtaining a dyspraxia (DCD) diagnosis. We are keen to improve on providing valuable resources and guidance to navigate the diagnostic process, ensuring families can access the support they need. Additionally, our platform offers peer advice and support on EHCPs and PLASCs, empowering families to advocate effectively for their child's educational needs.

Check out our library of Articles.


Dyspraxia/DCD Research

We understand the importance of using research-backed facts to educate and support our community. That's why we prioritise sharing peer-reviewed research and expert research from Universities to ensure our content is informative and reliable.

Furthermore, Dyspraxia Magazine actively encourages and supports researchers in their quest to find participants and share their findings. Whether based the UK or across the globe, we strive to amplify the voices of researchers and share their valuable work with those who can benefit from it.

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Non-profit UK Based Organisation

While Dyspraxia Magazine is based in the south of the UK, our reach extends globally. We are committed to sharing stories and providing support to dyspraxic individuals worldwide. As a non-profit organisation, we rely on the dedication of volunteers who share our passion for supporting the dyspraxia community.

Join us in our mission to foster understanding, support, and empowerment for individuals with dyspraxia. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of neurodivergent individuals everywhere.


Our online shop includes a number of items tailored to dyspraxic individuals, our most popular items include our awareness cards that are designed to fit into a wallet, book bag, lanyard etc. Giving the user the tools to be able to advocate from themselves when words don't always come easily. All profits from the shop go back into maintaining the website and keeping Dyspraxia Magazine running.

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