Historic Day for Dyspraxia Awareness as Two Dyspraxic MPs Secure Seats in Parliament

Today marks a momentous occasion for the neurodivergent community, particularly for those with dyspraxia, as the Labour Party secures a victory in the General Election. Among the newly elected MPs, we celebrate the success of Laurence Turner, who has won his seat, and Emma Lewell-Buck, who has successfully retained hers. Both MPs are openly dyspraxic, bringing much-needed representation and awareness to dyspraxia.

This election result is a significant step forward for the dyspraxic community. Having two dyspraxic MPs in Parliament is not only a source of inspiration but also a powerful reminder of the unique strengths and perspectives that neurodivergent individuals bring to leadership roles. Their presence in Parliament is a victory for us all, promising greater advocacy and understanding for neurodivergent individuals in the political sphere.

In addition to these victories, it is notable that Tom Hunt, another known MP with dyspraxia, has lost his seat as a Conservative MP. While we recognise his contributions to being openly dyspraxic during his tenure, the continued representation by Laurence Turner and Emma Lewell-Buck gives us hope for sustained advocacy and progress.

We are excited about the possibilities this new representation brings. Laurence Turner and Emma Lewell-Buck's achievements highlight the importance of neurodiversity and the potential for change in government policy regarding neurodiversity. Their voices in Parliament can lead to more inclusive and supportive measures for all neurodivergent individuals.

For further details on the election results, you can read more from these sources:

We look forward to the positive changes and increased awareness that Laurence Turner and Emma Lewell-Buck will undoubtedly bring to Parliament. Their success is a beacon of hope and progress for our community.