Dyspraxia button badges 32mm

Dyspraxia button badges 32mm

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"I'm not drunk, simply Dyspraxic. Sober" button badge. 

Perfect for making others aware that you are not intoxicated but simply Dyspraxic, and are in fact sober.

"Verbal Dyspraxia, please be patient. thanks" button badge.

Ideal for those who often face judgement due to their verbal Dyspraxia.

"I'm Dyspraxic" button badge

Let those around you know that you are Dyspraxic!

"Neurospicy" button badge

'Neurospicy' is a new term/word that was recently invented by the neurodivergent community and is used to describe someone who is Neurodivergent and also struggle with mental health issues such as trauma, PTSD and C-PTSD.

- Neurospicy badge is cheaper due a typo (Neurospicey) only 4 available on the discount. Once those are sold the price will match the others.


Add to a lanyard, your shirt or a bag etc 

Individual button badge 32mm.