• Dyspraxia Foundation Announces Closure Amid Financial Challenges

    In a heartfelt announcement made on Saturday, April 20th, the Dyspraxia Foundation revealed its decision to cease operations, citing insurmountable financial obstacles. The closure marks the end of a nearly four-decade-long journey dedicated to supporting individuals with dyspraxia and their communities.
  • Disability Advocates in the USA Urge Elimination of Subminimum Wage Employment

      A growing movement led by disability advocates in the Unites States are calling for the abolishment of subminimum wage employment, arguing that ...

    The autism community is mourning the recent loss of a true pioneer, Donald Triplett, who was not only the first person ever diagnosed with autism but also made significant contributions to advancing our understanding of this complex condition. His passing has left a void in the autism community, and it is a sombre moment to reflect on his life and the remarkable impact he had.
  • Why does the autism community reject the puzzle piece and autism speaks charity

    The autistic community has been increasingly vocal about its opposition to the organisation known as Autism Speaks, which claims to advocate and support autistic individuals and their families. However, many autistic individuals and their allies argue that the organization's actions and rhetoric perpetuate harmful stereotypes and contribute to the marginalization of autistic people.
  • Dyspraxic and neurodivergent people are the pillars that hold the creative industries aloft

    "When you really look into it, dyspraxic and neurodivergent people are the pillars that hold the creative industries aloft. If it wasn't for us the world would be really boring." Gary Clark, 31, is a Freelance writer from England who was diagnosed with Dyspraxia in 1998.
  • Universal Credit sanction impacts on disabled people

    Disabled and risk people are risk losing their benefits under new Universal Credit sanctions announced by Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt today.
  • Government plans to scrap student loans for students with lower grades

    It was recently announced that students who do not obtain a passing grade in Maths or English GCSE may be blocked from taking out student loans under new Government plans aimed at tightening controls on higher education in the. This news has sparked outrage across the whole of the UK, especially within communities for those who have a learning difficulty and/or learning disability, as well as those in other minority groups.

  • Employment tribunals linked to Neurological Conditions such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and dyspraxia up by a third

    The number of employment tribunals relating to neurological conditions such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and dyspraxia are up by a third in the last year.

  • Disability Justice: Being dyspraxic in a developing country | Muskaan Arora -India

    Hi I'm Muskaan Arora (She/Ze/They), an 18-year-old self-diagnosed dyspraxic and Autistic woman from Ahmedabad, India.
  • The Difficulty Of Obtaining A Diagnosis And Support Across The World

    Receiving support for dyspraxia can be difficult, and depending on where you are in the world can make that more challenging. It often feels like luck to receive an ample amount of support, like being in the right place at the right time.
  • Dyspraxia awareness week 2020 Livestream

    Last October (2020) during the dyspraxia awareness week event, a group of women of varying ages hosted a live stream called "Dyspraxia in Women". Before the event took place it caused quite the ruckus and upset a lot from dyspraxic men.