• Please stop calling my dyspraxia 'cute' | Krystal-Bella Shaw - UK

    I grew up in the 1990s and early 2000s, by this point dyspraxia was a known disorder, however, still widely unrecognised by key people who interact with young people (teachers, social workers etc). However, the people in my life assumed I was just "cute and clumsy" a term that actually really upsets me to hear.
  • Mental Health Matters

    May was a very important month for mental health. The month of May celebrates mental health awareness month, mental health awareness day, and National teen self-esteem month.
  • Dyspraxic Parents Livestream

      On Saturday 20th March, Krystal-Bella Shaw hosted a live stream with four dyspraxic parents who each discussed their experiences and advi...
  • "I'm Not Drunk, I Have Dyspraxia" | Daye Dolina Allan - UK

    It goes without saying that the phrase "clumsy artist" evokes absolute and utter dread. Especially if you happen to be paying said artist hundreds of pounds to create a custom piece of artwork for you.
  • Requesting equipment & reasonable adjustments at work

    Receiving additional support at work can be a daunting thing to request, especially if you are concerned about how your workplace might react to this.

  • Graduating Despite Dyspraxia | Giorgio Antonello Tardio - UK

    After school I went to college to study Performing Arts. I was struggling in level 1 and my teacher wasn’t sure if I could handle it. I felt like this was my one chance to express myself and become more confident and involved with performing arts but feared I wouldn’t get to level 2.
  • Daddying while dyspraxic | John Lyon - UK (Scotland)

    I became a dad the year before last. I also suffer from the learning disability called Dyspraxia. The best way I can describe it is basically that you are always off balance. 
  • Growing Up With Dyspraxia | Rachel Tuplin -UK

    The first memory I have of dyspraxia-related struggles are from reception year at primary school (4-5 years old), and we were given puzzle booklets to complete over the duration of the term. The puzzles were yellow with red dots, intended to be traced over. The particular puzzle that I remember was a maze, and I was so perplexed by it. 
  • Disability Justice: Being dyspraxic in a developing country | Muskaan Arora -India

    Hi I'm Muskaan Arora (She/Ze/They), an 18-year-old self-diagnosed dyspraxic and Autistic woman from Ahmedabad, India.
  • Dyspraxia and Me | Philippa Baraclough - UK

    For as long as I can remember I have always been dyspraxic. It has made things harder for me, but it has also allowed me to be more determined and more creative.
  • Dyspraxia Art Expression | Rabiah M - British Pakistani

    I guess this is my very first vent piece. I’m not really one to talk about my own problems as often as I should and I’ve never really “artistically expressed” anything before. So I debated posting this for a long while but I guess I am.
  • The Difficulty Of Obtaining A Diagnosis And Support Across The World

    Receiving support for dyspraxia can be difficult, and depending on where you are in the world can make that more challenging. It often feels like luck to receive an ample amount of support, like being in the right place at the right time.