• Disability Justice: Being dyspraxic in a developing country | Muskaan Arora -India

    Hi I'm Muskaan Arora (She/Ze/They), an 18-year-old self-diagnosed dyspraxic and Autistic woman from Ahmedabad, India.
  • Dyspraxia and Me | Philippa Baraclough - UK

    For as long as I can remember I have always been dyspraxic. It has made things harder for me, but it has also allowed me to be more determined and more creative.
  • Dyspraxia Art Expression | Rabiah M - British Pakistani

    I guess this is my very first vent piece. I’m not really one to talk about my own problems as often as I should and I’ve never really “artistically expressed” anything before. So I debated posting this for a long while but I guess I am.
  • The Difficulty Of Obtaining A Diagnosis And Support Across The World

    Receiving support for dyspraxia can be difficult, and depending on where you are in the world can make that more challenging. It often feels like luck to receive an ample amount of support, like being in the right place at the right time.
  • Trying Hard Enough | Lily Hood BA MSc - UK

    As a child, I was acutely aware that there was something wrong with me; I just didn’t seem to “get” things the way other children would. I couldn’t ride a bike, my dancing was clunky and unrhythmic, and even my walk was referred to as “strange”.
  • Dyspraxia, arts and crafts | Natalie Williams - UK

    Arts and crafts often require intricate detail (and therefore good fine motor skills) and the ability to carry out a sequence of tasks (requiring coordination and processing). And amongst the things dyspraxia affects are fine motor skills, coordination and processing. Despite how contradictory it sounds, it doesn’t mean that creativity isn’t for you if you’re dyspraxic! It’s about finding something you enjoy and doing it in a way that works for you.
  • Dyspraxia awareness week 2020 Livestream

    Last October (2020) during the dyspraxia awareness week event, a group of women of varying ages hosted a live stream called "Dyspraxia in Women". Before the event took place it caused quite the ruckus and upset a lot from dyspraxic men.
  • Deafness and dyspraxia | Kathleen Foster - UK

    Being a deaf dyspraxic isn't easy. Firstly, you have to deal with two sets of assumptions about what your conditions mean. Secondly, you have to navigate two different groups and services for support. Deaf people don't always understand dyspraxia, and dyspraxics don't always understand deafness.